Wonderful Windsor for Kids Mystery Mission

Ideal for birthday parties!


Wonderful Windsor for kids is designed for kids ages 8-14

Wonderful Windsor for kids is designed for kids ages 8-14

How It Works

1.    The Sonomist will come to your party to hand out the dossiers, explain the rules and track the winners. Teams of two-to-four players will compete against each other to solve the most clues in the shortest amount of time.

2.     Every destination is on the map provided, and everything players need to play the game is in the provided dossier.

3.     When players arrive at the destination that they found using the riddle and their map, they will find the answer to the clue.

Tips and Hints

1.     The Sonomist recommends that teams have no more than four players each.

2.     The MAP is the most important piece of your Mystery Mission. Always use the map.

3.     For the most efficient route, sit down in a shady location to solve the first part of the riddle first. Then, plot your route on the MAP before you set out on foot.

4.     You do not need to solve the riddles in numerical order.

5.     Players may ask strangers or use your phone for help, but you probably won’t need to. Everything you need is in the riddles and on the MAP.

6.    If players or their adults have any questions during the Mission, you can text The Sonomist at 707.235.9773. Plus, she will be on hand to help.