Wonderful Windsor for Kids Mystery Mission!



Wonderful Windsor for Kids is designed for kids ages 8-14.

8-10 year-olds may have more fun playing alongside an adult.

Kids 11 and older will have a better time playing with a friend or competing in teams of two or more.

Click Here for a How to Play Video and sample clue from The Sonomist’s Healdsburg Mission.

What You Will Do:

1.     The clues are riddles that help you find locations in and around Windsor’s charming Town Green.

2.     Read each clue very carefully. Everything you need to know is in the clue.

3.     Every destination is ON YOUR MAP. Please use the MAP to solve each clue. If you can’t find where you think you need to go on the MAP, then you may want to re-think the clue.

4.     When you arrive at the destination that you found using the riddle and your MAP, you will find the answer to the clue.

5.     Write down the answer on your answer sheet.

6.     When you have solved all of the clues, open your answer envelope to see how you did!

7.     If two or more teams are competing, the winner is the team that has BOTH the best time AND the most correct answers.

8.    Is a Mystery Mission great for a birthday party? Why, yes. Yes it is. (It also puts the “fun” in “fundraiser.”)

Tips and Hints

1.     The Sonomist recommends that 8-10 year-olds participate in their Mission with the help of an adult. Kids ages 11 and older should be able to complete the hunt on their own with an adult nearby.

2.     You will use your MAP to solve the first part of the riddle. The MAP is the most important piece of your Mystery Mission.

3.     For the most efficient route, sit down in a shady location to solve the first part of the riddle first. Then, plot your route on the MAP before you set out on foot.

4.     You do not need to solve the riddles in numerical order.

5.     If you are not competing against another team (which means you’re not in a hurry), feel free to stop for lunch, have a beverage or enjoy an ice cream.

6.     You may ask strangers or use your phone for help, but you probably won’t need to. Everything you need is in the riddles and on the MAP.

7.     Having trouble finding a destination? Be sure to use every part of your MAP.

8.    If you have any questions during your Mission, you can text The Sonomist at 707.235.9773.