Bay Area Team Building

Mystery Missions are interactive team building treasure hunts in the Bay Area.

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Take a Peek at the Petaluma Puzzle

The Petaluma Argus/Courier gave our newest Mission, The Petaluma Puzzle, a little bit of love. Read the article to see how it’s played in Petaluma!

The Windsor Times Loves Mystery Missions!

Heather Bailey and her son Wesley Strassburger embarked upon their very own Wonderful Windsor for Kids Mystery Mission. How did they do? Read the article to find out!

Mystery Missions was FUN! A group of us (ages 16-76) recently participated in Healdsburg Hunt One, and all had a terrific time. The clues were clever and challenging, yet still doable, thus satisfying once solved. It’s a great way to explore Healdsburg, and I look forward to another hunt the next time we’re in the area!
— L. Shaw, San Francisco
Local Healdsburger grabs these clues by the buns.

Local Healdsburger grabs these clues by the buns.

We had a GREAT FUN TIME with the Mystery Mission. We did it on two different days. Both Terry and I have lived in the area for 35+ years and we both learned new things about Healdsburg. Several times people came up to us and asked if we were lost or needed help. When I explained what we were doing, two separate ladies said ‘Oh, I’ve lived here a long time I would finish in 30 minutes.’ To which I wanted so badly to respond, ‘Game on!’
— L. Branscomb, Windsor

We're in the Boho!

Read what the North Bay Bohemian had to say about Mystery Missions. There's nothing else quite like it in all of Sonoma County!

As a local Healdsburger I thought I knew my town pretty well. Yet, as my wife and I dove into the Mystery Mission I soon realized how wrong I was! We discovered a slew of intriguing attractions I was either unaware of or took for granted. What started as a simple diversion into a wonderful exploration of the many quirky, fun and fascinating nooks of Healdsburg. The time flew, we meet some great people and saw things in town I never knew existed (who knew we had so many fairy doors!). For a local, the Sonomist treasure hunt unveils secret local treasures; for a visitor it’s a great way to explore the off-the-beaten path Healdsburg. Either way, it’s great way to spend an afternoon!
— S. Martin, Healdsburg
These guys found all of the Secrets of the Sonoma Plaza.

These guys found all of the Secrets of the Sonoma Plaza.