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The Mystery Mission Experience


Team Building

Equally collaborative and competitive, Mystery Missions are ideal team building events. Every person on every team has something to contribute, whether it’s Balthazaar from Accounting who is well-versed in modern romance novels (who knew?), Bathsheba from Sales who is a whiz with maps or Bartleby the Scrivener, who would prefer not to. For managers, a Mystery Mission offers a unique view into how your teams work together. Plus, Mystery Missions are ridiculously fun.


Players meet The Sonomist at the pre-determined destination. We recommend that you divide your group into teams of four, and come up with clever team names.

The Sonomist will then explain everything you need to know about how to play. Each player will receive their own dossier with clues, a map and a pen. The Sonomist also provides fun, free offers from local business (like a free wine tasting or a discount at a boutique) for each player.

Teams will compete to get the most clues correct in the shortest amount of time. Please bring a prize for the winning team, if you are so inclined. Looking for more from your Mission? Allow us to plan a wine tasting, lunch, cocktail party or other add ons designed specifically for your team. Contact us for a customized proposal.

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Mystery Missions are designed to delight. The riddles are challenging, but each one leads players to overlooked artworks, hidden treasures and quirky historical factoids.

Mystery Missions are played on foot, in an area highlighted on the provided map. You will be walking a downtown area for at least one hour. Please wear comfy shoes.

If you are just a small group of four or six, please feel free to collaborate on your Mission rather than competing. Others have played Mystery Missions while spending the day wine tasting, having lunch or shopping. One recent group of travelers spent 10 hours enjoying their Historic Healdsburg Mission!


Wonderful Windsor for Kids

Kids also love scavenger hunts! Ideal for birthday parties, our Wonderful Windsor for Kids Mystery Mission takes place on and around Windsor’s Town Green. Players will see historical treasures, works of art, hidden gardens and clever signage. The Sonomist will personally deliver the dossiers to the diminutive players, and oversee the entire Mission. Please allow 45 minutes for your Wonderful Windsor for Kids Mystery Mission.


Fancy a Cocktail?

Let us book your group’s post-mission cocktail party, wine tasting, transportation to and from the event and more! We can whip up a casual drinks-fest for a few or a formal fete for a few more. With options in Healdsburg, Sonoma, Windsor and Petaluma, we’ll see to it that your Mystery Mission ends (or begins) with a sip.


We Put the Fun in Fundraisers

We’d love to talk to your non-profit about hosting a Mystery Mission in your honor. We’ll offer each Mission at an extreme discount so that you can offer them to your supporters as a money-making event. We’ll even help you publicize it, find other partners for food and beverage and anything else you need to make your event a success.