“It’s like an escape room, but outside!”
— Everyone



You will be given a set of clues and a map that clearly outlines the Mystery Mission area of play.

1. The first part of the clue tells you WHERE TO GO.* Once you arrive there, the second part of the clue will either prompt you to write down an answer or offer another bit of information to direct you to your final destination.

2. Every single destination is on the map provided, and within the highlighted borders.

3. The clues are not in any order. HINT: It’s best to solve the first part of each clue, mark it on the map, and then plot your route. It is impossible to solve the clues before you set out on foot. Many people try. 100% of them fail.

4. When you arrive at your destination, read the second part of the clue. Locate the solution, and write the answer on your clue sheet.

5. After you are done answering all the clues and writing the answers on your clue sheet, open the envelope to reveal the answers!

IMPORTANT: You will receive an order confirmation via email that will alert you to the location of the top secret bunker where you will retrieve your Mystery Mission.


Healdsburg Treasure Hunts

Answer: NEW ORLEANS. The first part of the clue directs you to Costeaux Bakery on Healdsburg Ave. Its name is similar to the famous scientist and sea explorer, Jacques Cousteau. Once you arrive at the bakery, you’ll see the gas flame lights that flank the entrance. They each have a brass plate that reveals that they were made in New Orleans.


Mystery Missions are analog experiences, best enjoyed using a pen, the paper provided, and your brain. However, you may use your phone to find addresses, locate definitions for words or unravel a vexing popular culture riddle. You may also ask strangers.

IF TWO OR MORE TEAMS ARE COMPETING: Teams must stay together all the time, no exceptions. There is no running ahead “to check something out.” This is what we call “cheating” and The Sonomist frowns on cheating. There’s no peeking at the answers until all teams have completed their hunt. It’s a good idea to determine a time and place that teams must meet again. You don’t want to be out there all night, do you?

The winner will be determined by the time in + the number of clues correctly solved.


Look how much fun these two are having! Be like them.  Buy Now

Look how much fun these two are having! Be like them. Buy Now