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It’s the interactive team building experience everyone’s talking about! Mystery Missions are competitive, challenging and fun—and filled with surprises that delight and amaze. Allow Mystery Missions to host you and your team for an unforgettable afternoon solving riddles, discovering hidden treasures and learning a little bit about Sonoma County’s historic small towns. 

You Are Going to Have a Great Time

...A wonderful exploration of the many quirky, fun and fascinating nooks of Healdsburg. The time flew, we meet some great people and saw things in town I never knew existed (who knew we had so many fairy doors!)...
— S. Martin, Healdsburg
Six friends and I had the opportunity to do the Petaluma edition of Mystery Missions this weekend. We all live in Petaluma (Eastside VS Westside!) and we had so much fun discovering ALL kinds of hidden secrets and elements of our town! The clues were totally imaginative and really well written, and had us running all over downtown Petaluma to uncover the hidden history of our town. We’re going to try Healdsburg and Sonoma next! Highly recommended for adults, kids, locals, and visitors alike!
— M. Fabiano, Petaluma